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Wedding Bathroom Trailer Rentals

More and more couples are moving away from the traditional indoor church marriage and are ready to indulge in the beauty that outdoor weddings have to offer. Whether you want your wedding ceremony in a garden, on the beach, on a cliffside, or in the mountains, there's one thing all of these venues have in common: the need for a restroom. Where there's fun, family, drinks, and food, you're bound to need a restroom, especially nearby. However, it's your big day, and the venue you pick shouldn't have to be restricted by whether there's a bathroom around. That's where Rolling Thrones and our wedding bathroom trailer rentals come in.

Traditional porta potties have their place in the world, but it's not at your wedding ceremony where everyone is wearing beautiful and likely expensive clothing. We offer a luxury bathroom rental service because that's what you and your wedding deserve. Our wedding bathroom trailers come in two standard sizes: a 16-foot trailer with one men's room and two ladies' rooms and a 12-foot trailer with two of each. However, our trailers are much more than a set of bathrooms on wheels. Our restrooms come with lighting, a vanity, running water for sinks, toilets, and urinals, an HVAC system, and are accessible for those with limited mobility or disabilities. With the space our restrooms offer, even the poofiest of wedding gowns can fit comfortably, but that's not all.

Because we're dedicated to your overall experience, we're more than happy to decorate your trailer to fit the theme of your wedding. We can also upgrade and customize the interior with solid surface countertops, wall decor, flowers, rugs, and more. Your ceremony should be perfect, and we're here to help your dream wedding become a reality, even though it may not end up in the family photos.

If you want the royal restroom experience at your wedding, contact Rolling Thrones today. We're ready to work with your bathroom budget so you can have the lavish lavatory you deserve. 

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